March 2012


Goodification Revisited

I’ve been following the KFC Goodification campaign as part of one of my assignments this semester. It’s actually been quite interesting watching a mature brand try to catch-up and reposition itself in the market…how are they actually faring with it all though? In an attempt to not feel guilt free about procrastinating on Facebook when I’m meant to be writing assignments I had a quick look at the KFC Australia Facebook page (you see, this Facebook time is research for this post!!) What was interesting is their page has had a 3.14% increase in “likes” since I posted a week ago.


Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has grown and evolved a lot over the past few years. I seem to be talking about it more and more as a viable social media channel with clients and colleagues. Admittedly, I don’t post a lot on my LinkedIn profile; I joined in 2009 because that’s what everyone was doing and I like playing with new toys. The way I use LinkedIn in 2012 is very different to how I used it when I first joined. Like most social media channels, it’s grown and evolved into a useful tool. I login most days to the industry headlines that trend and I use it a lot for research.

KFC Logo

Turning to KFC while hiding from the world…

So as part of my ‘hiding from the world’ theory I decided to go back to uni full time for a while. This leads me to why I’m blogging about KFC… aside from being one of my vices this is actually assignment related. I’m taking ‘Integrated Marketing Communications’ (IMC) this semester and one of the assignments is to write a six blog post analysis of a current marketing campaign. Having been totally out of touch from reality of late, the KFC ‘Goodification’ was the first campaign to come to mind as a good example of an integrated marketing campaign.

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