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Easy Blogging

5 tips for developing easy blog content

With the continued updates to Google’s mono-coloured zoo of search engine algorithms and optimisation, developing and posting regular, quality content has never been more important for your search engine rankings. Writing doesn’t have to be your forte to blog. You don’t even have to be a ‘writer’. Personally, I love writing. I don’t always have …

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How websites work

I’ve been asked this a lot recently so I thought I’d take my scribbles from the back of a napkin and share it 🙂 This is a simplified version of how the technical stuff fits together…

What's Google got to say about you?

What’s Google got to say about you?

Let’s face it, there’s not much you can’t find on Google these days. Managing your personal brand has never been more critical.

Social media policies

Social Media Policies

I find it fascinating how different companies manage their technology policies and more specifically how they approach social media in the workplace.

More and more Australian companies are using social media to engage with customer base yet shy away from it internally. It seems to be one of those things that still strikes fear into the hearts of many executive teams.

Is email marketing still relevant?

Is email marketing still relevant?

With social media becoming the status quo of communication, is email marketing even worth bothering with? I’ve been hearing for a few years that the death of email marketing is imminent. I still think it’s alive and kicking based on the amazing results from client campaigns. According to a recent MarketingProfs article, 89% of marketers …

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Back to my old (new) self

Still putting one step in front of the other

I don’t write a lot about my personal life. Taking a sabbatical has been interesting on more than few levels. The last six months have been surreal. Kicking off the year with my father fatally colliding with a truck has been challenging.

Hip young man showing V sign

But it’s the latest trend!?

As long as it rhymes it doesn’t need to make sense right? It seems like it’s the latest craze to mispronounce words. As Marketers, Publicists, PRs, Advertisers, Copywriters or as we often get called, wordsmiths and spin doctors, do we not have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the written word?

Split Testing

How many ways do you split?

What makes you open an email? Do you do that last minute email check before you head off to bed? Maybe I’m just weird? I normally skim the sender, subject line and I have the mini-preview setting on my primary inbox……I know, I know, I should be off and counting z’s. Some subject lines are just too tempting! Do you know what makes your readers open up?

Traditional vs Digital

Integrating tradition into goodification

As part of one of my assignments this semester I’ve had to review and analyse a current integrated marketing campaign. I haven’t really spoken about the traditional media they’ve used, so let’s have a look at it.

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