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Looking for a new anti-virus suite? YOU NEED TO READ THIS FIRST!

I’ve found an anti-virus so good it crashes your system on the reboot after install, and, and, and, then when you try and uninstall it leaves little bits of the program that continue to screw up your system and mess with your head in the process.

What’s so bad about the ‘F’ word?

I’ve had a few interesting offline conversations with colleagues about my recent post “How well do you know your audience?”. Apparently the referencing of two “women” sites in the opening paragraph set up my post as a “feminist rant”. I may be naive but how does a review post on marketing psychographics equate to feminism? Isn’t perception such a wonderful thing? The thing is perception and assumptions can be deadly in a campaign and marketing in general.

How well do you know your audience?

How Gamma are you? According to I’m 100% Gamma. I stumbled upon this website through (thanks Kylie!). So what has this got to do with my blog and marketing? Well the fact I’m even blogging about this site and the gamma concept appears to prove their point…

Business Acumen Beyond Her Years

Lesleigh is an amazing individual whose business acumen certainly exceeds her years. Her ability to collect and analyse and assess the usefulness of information for use in our operations nationally is amazing. Lesleigh has created various pieces of marketing materials that of use to the business is a very practical and understandable way. She has an ability to communicate with people her senior and share information that has certainly been appreciated by many who work here. She has created a support website for our organisation that is designed specifically with the end user in mind.

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