Understanding high performing teams

One of the challenges we face time and time again is getting high performance from our delivery teams. The thing is, a lot of the time project teams have never worked together before and they need to go through this forming, storming and norming before they can reach performing. Or do they?

There’s more and more research coming out that is challenging Bruce Tuckman’s model. Let’s get real for a moment, it was developed in 1965; the world has moved on from there and our environments have changed through the evolution and disruption driven by technology amongst other things.

Frame VUCA with VUCA Prime

A fairly consistent thread in the research still shows that performing teams are grounded in clear purpose, relationships built on trust and collaborations with intention.

We’ve recently started working with a new the Australian-developed Vital Teams High Performance Model. It’s drawn from leading business and behavioural research by Organisational Psychologist, Frank Donohoe. It defines seven indicators of a high performing team which hones on the factors that really matter for measuring team productivity, efficiency and engagement.

High Performing Teams
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Why measure team performance

Collaboration and engagement in the workplace is key to delivering brave change and real business value to your business.

  • A more collaborative work environment is likely to increase the quality of business solutions – with an estimated business benefit of $2,517 per employee.
  • Collaboration is likely to reduce inefficient work practices and increase productivity by an estimated $1,660 per employee.
  • An increase of 5% in employee engagement can lead to a 3% increase in revenues.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Improve your team performance in 30 days

How it works

The Vital Teams Platform tracks overall team effectiveness, based on the proprietary Vital Teams High Performance Model’ seven team success indicators.

Vital Teams Performance Cycle

Conduct Vital Teams Survey

Team members can provide their honest assessment of the team and propose their own suggestions for improvement – all in an easy-to-manage anonymous survey.

Choose how frequently you wish to conduct your surveys.

The easy-to-read dashboard style reports are available to the whole team, and allow you to track progress over time.

Develop Team Fitness Plan

Access the Virtual Coach suggestions, together with your own team’s recommendations to develop a focused Team Fitness Plan. 

Drawing on proven methods to drive habit change and high performance, the Team Fitness Plan helps you set a culture of accountability and collaboration in your team.

Use the Plan to set and update your improvement Activities and Habits month by month.

Implement Team Fitness Plan improvements and new habits

Monitor your team’s effectiveness, develop their collaboration habits, and track improvement actions.

Vital Teams can be licenced for just a single team or for all of an enterprise with significant volume discounts.

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