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Valiente joins Girl Shaped Flames - Valiente

Valiente joins Girl Shaped Flames

Become a patron of fire

We are thrilled to be joining Girl Shaped Flames as their official Partner of Patrons of Fire. Valiente literally means ‘brave’. For us, empowering future generation of leaders is as important as supporting leaders within our client organisations. We believe embedding brave change in our society starts with ensuring the skills to lead bravely are given to those who will see us into the future.

Over the last two and bit years Girl Shaped Flames has inspired and empowered almost 2500 teenage girls across Queensland by connecting them with over 200 extraordinary women, to develop their self-confidence, life skills and mental and emotional resilience.

At the moment, fire has a particular meaning to Australians, with months of horror and destruction sweeping our sunburnt country. The images of flame and destruction are still burned in our consciousness and the intensity of this experience of fire still feels raw. We all know that this is far from over and the journey to rebuild and heal will be a long one, calling on all our reserves of strength and resilience.

The message of Girl Shaped Flames has always been to harness the passion and fire within our next generation to meet these challenges, and we feel strongly that this mission is needed now more than ever. Australia will need passion and strength at every level of the community to rebuild, and Girl Shaped Flames is poised to continue delivering the skills needed for our next generation of leaders to not only meet the challenges of our current crisis, but to grow in new and unexpected ways.

With the start of the summer school semester next week, the GSF.Academy 2020 program is kicking off, to really support these future leaders in earnest. Programs delivered through the GSF.Academy, run by Girl Shaped Flames, prepares teenage girls for success across their school, work and personal lives. The national half-day intensive workshops have been designed – and are delivered by – experienced, professional women who offer their own personal strategies, tools and techniques across a variety of topics especially relevant to GenZ, including: stress management, emotional intelligence, fear, failure & resilience, communication, social media and financial literacy.

Just like leadership is not a gendered role, neither is being a Patron of Fire. The Girl Shaped Flames Patron of Fire initiative gives the opportunity for both women and men to directly impact the lives of our future female leaders, entrepreneurs and adventurers. We want to encourage all our Valiente supporters to come onboard with us to build the skills of future leaders to make brave change a certainty for tomorrow.

Through the partnership between headspace and Girl Shaped Flames, every Patron of Fire’s contribution pays for a girl being supported through the headspace program get access to a life changing GSF Academy half-day intensive workshop.

Individual Patron contributions start from $175 per year, with Business Patron contributions starting from $1500. You can become a Patron of Fire here.

Make brave change a certainty for tomorrow. Become a Patron of Fire today.

Valiente is thrilled to be joining Girl Shaped Flames as their official Partner of Patrons of Fire.

Lesleigh Ross

Over the last decade Lesleigh Ross has been leading project and change teams in complex delivery environments and transformation projects across public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Leigh is highly skilled in industry best practice methodologies and frameworks which is demonstrated through her ability to deliver quality business outcomes across ‘green fields’ and recovery projects and programmes. As a ‘digital native’ Leigh believes delivering innovation in business is only possible through collaborative project design where the business and technical teams work hand in hand. A geek in her own right Leigh is able to “degeek the geek” and facilitate effective engagement through all stages of project delivery. Leigh is the current Queensland Lead for the Change Management Institute and a proud member of the Australian Institute of Project Management and the International Centre of Complex Project Management. She is active in her local chapters and national interest groups which are focused on improving the professionalism, diversity and inclusion within the project management community.

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