We seek to bravely walk the path less travelled with leaders,
drawing on research, insights and experience as our guide.

Girl Shaped Flames Patron of Fire

Valiente joins Girl Shaped Flames

Valiente is thrilled to be joining Girl Shaped Flames as their official Partner of Patrons of Fire. Valiente literally means ‘brave’. For us, empowering future generation of leaders is as important as supporting leaders within our client organisations. We believe embedding brave change in our society starts with ensuring the skills to lead bravely are given to those who will see us into the future.

Vital Teams Dashboard

Understanding high performing teams

One of the challenges we face time and time again is getting high performance from our delivery teams. The thing is, a lot of the time project teams have never worked together before and they need to go through this forming, storming and norming before they can reach performing. Or do they?

Throwing the baby out with the bath water

Going Agile: throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Organisations need to consciously enable agility if they want to keep up with the rate of change. Everyone seems to be moving to Agile ways of working… but you can’t just add water and hope that it grows your organisational agility.

Step Away from the Burning Platform

Step away from the burning platform

Talking about the elephant in the room is one thing. Defining what ‘effective executive sponsorship’ actually looks like is a bit of different conversation. There is mounting research that is challenging the traditional ‘burning platform’ “change or die” leadership approaches we so commonly see advocated in traditional change management.


Digital Transformation—it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room

Over the 20 years Prosci has been conducting the Change Management Best Practices research, sponsorship has been ranked the #1 contributor to the success and failure of initiatives. Which makes it surprising that in a recent article, “Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology”, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) avoided the elephant in the room. This is despite reporting that …

Digital Transformation—it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room Read More »

Leigh Ross presenting at CMI SA Event

Change management in Agile projects

Last night I had the privilege of facilitating a session with Yohan De Silva about Agile and Change Management for the South Australia Chapter of the Change Management Institute. Much like the projects we all work in, the session I had planned to run and the session I ended up facilitating were a little different.


Change Management vs Project Management

Research tells us that when using excellent change management, projects succeed 95% of the time. Given the research into projects from all over the world reporting the same thing time and time again, how are we still getting it so wrong?

Not another newsletter!

A project newsletter is a great start but it’s rarely the answer. Communication is only one aspect of managing change effectively.

White Ribbon

Stand up and Swear

25 November marks the beginning of 2014 White Ribbon campaign. I had the privilege of running the Queensland White Ribbon campaign in 2009 and provided some support again in 2012. The prevention of domestic and family violent is a passion of mine and again this year I am challenging you to take a stand a swear “Not Violent, Not Silent”.

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